The Kelce Brand of Masculinity

Recently, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce tearfully announced his retirement from the NFL after an illustrious career. Jason and his brother Travis (who currently dates arguably the most powerful pop star on the planet, Taylor Swift) have been lauded for their refreshing brand of masculinity. As Danielle Campoamor writes in this post, the Kelce brothers display “a sensitivity and emotional intelligence that bucks the toxicity of traditional chauvinism” and “prioritize affection over coldness and vulnerability over stoicism.” 

In my opinion, these brothers should be celebrated, not ridiculed. They show us we can live counter to the stunted version of the stereotypical alpha male. They challenge some of the patriarchal narratives and prove that not all men are bad or toxic.

Jason’s accomplishments are many: 6x All-Pro, 7x Pro Bowler, Super Bowl Champ, a top sports podcast, his own youth charity, his own documentary, his own line of apparel, 2 charity Christmas albums, $82 million in career earnings, 13 years, all in Philadelphia. Jason Kelce even showed great sensitivity and honor as he asked his longtime trainer to tape his ankles for the final time for his retirement press conference because the trainer missed Jason’s final game in the NFL due to chemo treatment for his cancer. What a great tribute!

Originally from Westlake, Ohio, the Kelce brothers come from a solid faith background. Donna and Ed Kelce raised their boys as devout Christians. They attended a Catholic church regularly and taught biblical values. It’s not clear which denomination or church the brothers attend today. However, both Jason and Travis are vocal about their faith. Sadly, people criticize them. Too many dislike the publicity of their relationships. Across all sports, many criticize displays of prayer or praise after a touchdown, home run, or slam dunk. We must let God judge the genuineness of anyone’s beliefs and actions. Just enjoy the celebration.

I desperately want to believe that the Kelce brothers are “the real deal. ” They show us that men can be strong and muscular, tough and affectionate, authentic and vulnerable. We need more men like this who understand the importance of Balancing Our Masculine and Feminine Sides. We need more men who share the desire to be men who follow Jesus Christ. I pray that Jason and Travis have surrounded themselves with other godly men (that I GodBuddies) so they will remain faithful.

So let’s celebrate men who are not ashamed to show emotions and live above the influence of the culture. It will help continue to change how the world views men and masculinity… and celebrity athletes!

Wisdom for Men is my opinion on topics that help men become better. The sources used are not fact-checked but support my theory that men are better with deeper, more authentic friendships. This GodBuddy theory is based on biblical principles but applies to all men, regardless of their beliefs. Better friendships can help solve the crisis of male friendship…and the world needs better men. It needs more men who desire to be more like Jesus, our ultimate role model.

[Feature Image by Matt Rourke / AP from MSNBC; Other sources include: A post from Front Office Sports on LinkedIn, a Facebook post from Real Kansas Cty Chiefs Fans]


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