Author: Rich Gorecki

United in Love, Divided by Hate

I feel compelled to write about the importance of unity and accountability in light of this past weekend’s assassination attempt of former President, Donald Trump. This post is not about my stance on one side or the other of the political aisle. It is not to state a position on gun ownership or spreading conspiracy theories. It is about reminding us that mature men must unite in love rather than being divided by hate. Men need deeper, more authentic friendships who hold each other accountable to avoid hateful speech, divisive positions, and actions that cause abuse, bullying, and isolation. We also need our churches to demonstrate love and not base their entirety on politics. We need to engage in fruitful conversation that are united in love; not divided by hate. The Divided States of America Even prior to this past weekend’s events, many people feel that the United States was

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Living in a World with No Religion

My wife and I just returned from a vacation in Europe along the Danube River. From early on, we were convicted by how little we knew about the history of the region prior to the 1900s. The trip was amazing but also left me wondering: Is religion still relevant in the world?   Our river cruise started in Budapest, Hungary and traveled up the Danube to Nuremburg, Germany, followed by two days in the city of Prague in the Czech Republic. We learned about the periods of nobility and the Holy Roman Empire (the HRE ran from from 962 to 1806 and is much different than the western Roman Empire… just Google it!). The architecture was beautiful including various churches, castles, and palaces full of statues and ancient relics. We saw Jewish heritage locations, including historic synagogues and heard of concentration camps used during the war. Our guides spoke of

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The “True Freedom” of Independence Day

This week on July 4th, the United States commemorates our freedom from British rule. Properly known as Independence Day, it celebrates the liberties of the American identity. We celebrate our freedom of speech and religion. Our people celebrate equality and independence from oppression. We have the right to pursue happiness and shape our destiny. Many celebrate the holiday with apple pie, explosions in the sky, baseball games, and BBQs. Even though it is not a religious holiday like Christmas or Easter, July 4th is a time that many also reflect on God’s goodness to us as a nation and the freedom we have in Jesus Christ. July 4th is also the anniversary of my mother’s passing in 2017 when she gained her ultimate and true freedom in Heaven.  Reflecting on Freedom and Independence Other nations were founded on the basis of a common ancestry, geographic boundaries, or by the power of

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