Today more than at any other time, men need better friendships. In a lonely world that keeps getting lonelier, men, on average, are the loneliest. Thirty years ago, more than half of men (55%) reported having at least six close friends. Today, that number has been cut in half, according to survey data. Most concerning is that 15% of men reported having no close friendships at all, a five-fold increase since 1990.

For this reason, I began developing the concept I call “GodBuddies” more than 20 years ago. I also needed friendships myself to help me through a workaholism problem that you read about here. I saw that men had shallow relationships and numerous social media connections. The problem is that too many men have become isolated, which harms our health and relationships. I concluded that men are at their best with a small group of genuine male friends who support and encourage each other.

Over the years, people kept saying I needed to write a book about my GodBuddies concept (“GBs” for short). So in January 2019, I started writing this blog about why men need deeper, more authentic friendships. Through the weekly blog posts, I provide practical advice on developing friendships with men who desire to become more like Jesus Christ. The posts include words of encouragement and tips for being a better man. They also explain how to care for yourself, your spouse & children, extended family, and friends.

In 2021, I compiled multiple posts into a manuscript and self-published, Get Out Of Your Man Cave: The Crisis of Male Friendship and How to Turn Good Friends into GodBuddies in August 2022. Written as part memoir, confession, and guidebook, the book is based on my experience as I struggled with workaholism that teetered on depression. You can purchase a copy here.

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