In my experience, one of the biggest lies for men is that we’re supposed to “have it all together”. But when someone asks us how we’re doing, we just smile and tell them, “fine.” But are we?

Throughout this pandemic, we’ve heard stories and stories about the struggles with mental health, whether it’s due to the need for our kids to be in schools or the athletes who are publicly naming their battle with the pressures of their fame.

Well, it’s time to tell the truth. Everyone needs a small group of people with whom we can share our darkest secrets and be honest about our struggles. I call these GodBuddies; friends who are not judgmental and will support and encourage you when life feels like it is out of control.

One of my GB’s recently shared this video below that I hope will encourage you today to not hide your messes and wounds behind closed doors. Find some GodBuddies and be honest with them. The truth be told is that we are all broken and in need of help.

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