The first copies of new book have started to arrive! THANK YOU to those who have purchased a copy of Get Out of Your Man Cave: The Crisis of Male Friendship and How to Turn Good Friends into GodBuddies.  

GodBuddies book

I was excited and also humbled to sign my first ever copy for a friend this week and am happy to do so for anyone else. 

If you live in my area (western suburbs of Chicago), reach out to me and we can meet up. 

If you live elsewhere, I can send you a signed copy. Just QuickPay or Venmo me $14.99 and I will mail you a signed copy.

After you read the book, please also post a review on Amazon. Reviews go a long way to raising the visibility so more people will read this important message about the need for deeper friendships. 

If you have done done so yet, you can purchase your copy through one of these links. 

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