Numbering Our Days is Not YOLO

‘The very worst advice I have ever heard is to live every day as if it is the last. It’s likely that the decisions you make would be horrible, and you would be stuck with them for a very long time.’

The above quote comes from a post about Psalm 90 that I want to use for this week’s Weekend Wisdom. The quote suggests the YOLO (You Only Live Once) mantra is actually bad advice. It can leave you with regrets about living that haphazardly rather than incorporating God’s plans for the number of days of your life.

The post reminds us that this distorted and unliveable philosophy injects a false urgency into our life that ensures we only take the short-term view. Of course, there may well be times when we do know our days are short, such as when we have a terminal illness or are in advanced old age. These situations should certainly give a sense of urgency to our decisions and actions.

Rather than living permanently with this false sense of urgency, the psalmist encourages us to be wise by numbering our days. When we “number our days,” it means we are purposeful in how we use each day that God has given us. It helps us realize that raising children, developing a career, being a servant to others, is slow and long-term. It means persevering through many more years of fruitful labor. We learn to trust in God’s timing rather than our own. We have an eternal mindset focused less on short-term happiness and more about doing kingdom work. It’s legacy-building.

You can read John Stevens’ full post by clicking below.

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