Hey Dads: Emulate the Traits of God, The Father

I’m a huge fan of Kent Evans, who recently posted this great article titled God the Father: 4 fatherly traits dads should emulate on his site, Manhood Journey that I want to share with you. I first met Kent on my last business trip pre-COVID time and really admire his enthusiasm for helping men –and especially fathers, become better. 

Kent’s recent post makes 4 points that also apply to us dads:

  1. God the Father is slow to anger
  2. God fulfills His promise
  3. God answers the call
  4. God leads His people

Simply put, good fathers follow God, the Father, and apply these traits to their parenting. Do you?

That said, you should read the entire post by clicking on the photo below.

I admire Kent so much that I also asked him to write the Foreword for my recent book, Get Out of Your Man Cave: The Crisis of Male Friendship.

Get your copy on Amazon at the links below.  

Thank you… I appreciate your support! 

GodBuddies book


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