Rich’s Appearance on the Salt + Rock podcast

Now that I’m halfway through my year-long journey of lessons from The MANual, my NIV Bible for Men, it’s time to include occasional posts with other God Buddy-related topics.

This post is about my guest appearance on the Salt + Rock podcast where I provide my perspective on Timothy’s mentee-mentor relationship with the Apostle Paul.

Earlier this year, Blake Walker contacted me about my interest in being a guest on one of their podcasts. Blake and his buddy, Britain Rogers record a weekly podcast to help the average man navigate today’s world by learning how to be the salt of the earth and having a firm foundation with Christ as the Rock.

The guys stumbled upon my blog independently while researching for their recent series on Paul, Barnabas, and Timothy. I’m both honored and humbled to be their first-ever guest.

Check out the other Salt + Rock episodes at this link on You can also contact Blake and Britain at

As always, feel free to share my GodBuddy posts with anyone who might find them interesting.


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