In my post, Loneliness is a huge threat to our health, I stated men are becoming more isolated today than ever before. We are in desperate need for real friends. The stresses of life and lack of genuine friendships may even be killing us!

Many men struggle with balancing the responsibilities at work and home life. We hear we’re supposed to be the head of our homes, a caring father, devoted husband, and good cook, all while maintaining our career. However, we’re often out on an island by ourselves with no one to help us figure it all out.

This is exactly why I needed a close friendship with another man who I could related to and help me with this big struggle in my life.

My Story

My own need for this type of close relationship with another man started back in the year 2000 when I was also feeling the pressure of the demands of my new career and sharing the responsibilities of a growing family.

Mentally exhausted after work, I brought the stress of work back home to my family. By the end of the day, I could not shut-down my mind and struggled with a lack of sleep. My doctor was concerned about depression.

Fortunately, my wonderful and loving wife suggested that I get involved in the men’s group at our church. She felt there was certain to be another guy in the group who had gone through the same issue.

Enter my “GB”

Rich and Bill

It was in our men’s group that I met Bill Johnson, a man who would become my first God Buddy, or “GB” as we now call each other. Bill had a successful career as a partner for a major consulting firm, was married and had raised two boys. He was about 10 years older than me so he’d been “down the road.” He had a successful career as an executive with a major accounting and consulting firm.  Bill was exactly what I needed at the time.

More on how Bill and I developed our God Buddy relationship will come in the upcoming posts.

But first, my next post will begin to define what a God Buddy relationship is.

Feel free to comment below on why you believe men today need someone who can help them figure life out.

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