Men Need “Guy Time”

This past weekend, I participated in another Spring Get-Away with guys from the men’s group at our church. This tradition began in 1992 when one member invited a few guys up to his cabin on a lake to help install his boat dock before Memorial Day. Ever since, many of us eagerly anticipate our annual trek to the Northwoods of Wisconsin for a long weekend of fishing, golfing, relaxing, and just hanging out with good friends. We cherish this “guy time” for the way it enriches our lives.

In a previous post, Men Need Get-Aways and Retreats, I emphasized the importance for men to take time away to recharge and build relationships. I also noted the distinction between a healthy getaway or retreat and isolating oneself. The former nourishes the soul. The latter does not. As stress, depression, and anxiety dramatically increases in today’s world, Loneliness has become a huge threat to men’s health. In fact, loneliness often leads to suicide in men. Studies show that men die by suicide 3.6 times more often than women. Sadly, many men need could use time away for a retreat to discover their joy again.

As you know, I believe men are better with better friends. We are better when we surround ourselves with men who share the same values and enjoy each other’s company. However, many men carry around a self-imposed guilt about doing anything not directly related to work or family. This actually increases their isolation by shutting them off from important relationships. They fail to make the time to hang out with older, more experiened men who can teach them about how to handle all aspects of life.

Whether you call it a get-away, retreat, adventure, or vacation, make it a priority to take time away with good friends. Many guys love sitting around a fire smoking a cigar and telling stories. Others enjoy camping, hunting, or fishing as a group. Some find fulfillent and rekindle their sense of adventure by teaching boys during Scouting weekends. Many can learn more about themselves at wellness centers or through silence and solitude. Godly men will grow in their faith during spiritual retreats. The goal is to take care of yourself becuase –as one friend once told me, “A man can’t take care of his family and others if he don’t take care of himself.”

It can help you become a better husband, father, and friend. It might even make you a better fisherman!

Wisdom for Men is based on my opinions on topics that help men become better through deeper friendships. While the sources are not fact-checked, my GodBuddy theory is rooted in biblical principles, and applies to all men, regardless of their beliefs. The idea is that when men have better friendships, we can help solve the crisis of male friendships. Better men will also help solve many of today’s problems, ultimately making the world a better place.

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