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Traits of a GB Relationship: Summary

To conclude this series on the unique traits of a God Buddy relationship below is a brief summary of all the traits together. I’d ask that you reflect on which of the traits are helping you deepen your friendships and which need more of your attention.  As you learned in the prior post on Teachability, when men become disciples, we can become the men that God intended. So use this series to work on yourself so you can also help your God Buddy!  In my opening post with the Introduction to Traits of a GB Relationship, I explained some basic differences between male and female friendships. Male-male friendships tend to be more “tactical” or “transactional” Female-female friendships are more nurturing and based on emotions. Men are usually side-by-side while women are face-to-face. Women invest more time maintaining their friendships whereas men move to the next task quickly and don’t feel

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GodBuddies in the Bible: Summary

To conclude this series of posts about God Buddies in the Bible, I want to start with the reminder that God didn’t design humans to live in solitude. Genesis 2:18: reminds us “The Lord God said, It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” While this verse describes the creation of the first woman, God describes Himself multiple times in Scripture with the same root word for “helper”. According to this post, the word for “helper” in Hebrew is ezer (pronounced “ay-zer”) used in the context of powerful acts of rescue and support. In English, the word “help” has a broad range of meanings from a simple, modest act to even one that is more vital and significant. For God Buddies, your deep, authentic friendship connects you on a “soul level” and is helpful for God’s purposes for both of you. In

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