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Men and Their Emotions: Summary

This series about how men need to manage their emotions has taught me a lot about what keeps us from becoming godly men. While I found experts who describe the psychological (affecting the functions of our mind) and physiological (affecting the functions of our body) standpoints of our emotions, I do know this: everyone is impacted by their emotions differently and everyone manages their emotions differently. But I still believe you can lean on your God Buddy to work through the basic levels of emotions to help you become more like Jesus Christ. Let me briefly recap the posts to show what I mean.  Men and Their Emotions During the introduction to this series, I wrote that emotions are biological reactions and a state of mind that derive from our circumstances, mood, or relationships with others. I found numerous theories on the number of emotions we have but listed 8 that

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Reflections on Year 1 of GodBuddies

It’s now a full year since I launched the God Buddy website back in December 2018. With a total of 57 posts to-date, the blog provided an outlet to refine a theory that has been swirling around my brain for more than 15 years: guys need authentic, accountable friendships. Throughout this post, I explain how my belief in the need for God Buddies became even stronger as I researched and wrote posts during this past year. (For a quick refresher, check out the links below to the key posts from this past year). My God Buddy Theory Emerges The God Buddy concept really started to develop a few years into my involvement with the men’s group at my local church. As I wrote in Why I Needed a God Buddy, my own personal struggle with work-life balance and the doctor’s concern about possible depression led me to seek out other guys

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The Foundations for God Buddies: Summary

Over the last several posts, I described some of the foundations of my God Buddy concept that I’ll summarize in this one.  In Men “Sharpen” Men, I started with what has become my favorite Bible verse and the guiding principle for God Buddies: Proverbs 27:17. Metal-making is a great parallel for how guys today need mature men in their lives to help them become better men. The premise is that –like iron on iron, as guys spend time together, an incredible sharpening occurs as we learn from each other.  God Buddies help each other keep their edge with proper amounts of encouragement and constructive feedback, given at the appropriate moments.  The next post, Looking at the “Man in the Mirror” explained how Patrick Morley’s book The Man in the Mirror: Solving the 24 Problems Men Face helped me understand the challenges of being male and the importance of educating myself

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