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Better Manhood Skills: Controlling Your Emotions

The subset of soft skills needed for the road to better manhood continues with what some may consider very difficult for males: controlling their emotions. While we should not make generalizations about any gender’s ability to control their emotions, learning to control your emotions is a mark of a mature man. Let’s explore why.   Men are at Risk According to a report by The Global Initiative for Boys & Men (GIBM), the well-being outcomes for boys and men continue to trend downward. Data over the past several decades clearly shows that men are at great risk since:  GIBM has identified 5 pillars of improvement for boys and men that would make a better world for everyone:  Each of these areas is interrelated and collectively impacts the income, life expectancy, and family life of boys and men. GIBM points out that there is no federal Office of Men’s Health even

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Better Manhood Skills: Be a Good Communicator

Earlier in this series about creating a better roadmap to manhood, I summarized what I believed were the Hard Skills of Better Men. I also introduced you to the reasons why we need equally important soft skills. Similar to Behavior Management, the soft skill of communicating well is a mark of maturity in a man. It helps you show respect to others and help you be respected as a good and proper man in the world.  Let’s explore the benefits of traits of communicating well. Benefits of Good Communication Skills Becoming a good communicator will help both your personal and professional life, specifically providing several benefits: Strong communication skills are highly valued in the workplace which leads to career growth. They also help you contribute positively to society and are valuable in your personal relationships. Conveying your thoughts and ideas concisely and persuasively helps you deliver engaging and impactful presentations.

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Better Manhood Skills: Behavior Management

In my last post for this series about creating a better roadmap to manhood, I stated that becoming a better man requires both hard skills and soft skills. During my introduction to this subset about the essential soft skills, I stated that strength in this area contributes to positive relationships, personal growth, and overall well-being for you and everyone you interact with throughout your life. Maybe the most important soft skill for men though is behavior management because it demonstrates maturity in how you show up in this world.  The Male Brain is Different Let’s start with a very common assumption: men and women are different. Study after study will show that male and female brains differ from birth. Generally, females have two X chromosomes in their pair, while males have one X and one Y chromosome. A gene on the Y chromosome is responsible for the developmental events that

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