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Applying Better Manhood to Domestic Life

This series about creating a roadmap to better manhood now turns toward the home stretch. In these next several posts, I describe how a mature man applies better manhood skills to four main areas: 1) domestic life, 2) problem-solving and decision-making, 3) planning and goal-setting, and 4) impacts on his legacy. This first post describes how better manhood skills apply to domestic life, which includes taking care of your home, relating to family and friends, and showing up in your community. My Disclaimer: First, I want to state that I have not mastered all of the skills described in this series (see the chart at the end of this post with links to my prior posts on the hard and soft skills all men need). Nor do I want to come across as an expert on manhood because I fail at it often. However, I have developed many of these

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Better Manhood Skills: Building and Maintaining Healthy Relationships

Building and maintaining healthy relationships is an important skill for everyone, not just men. In this next post in my series about creating a roadmap for better manhood, I describe why relationship management is another critical soft skill every man needs. I explain how relationships involve our romantic partnerships, friendships, family connections, and professional relationships. I also explain the benefits of mastering this important skill because when a young male masters it, he begins to show up as a mature man and succeeds in this world.  Relationship Management Defined There are several principles and practices that help foster healthy, fulfilling, and respectful relationships. This includes relationships with the opposite sex for dating and marriage if that is in your future. It also includes your ongoing and longer-term relationship with family (parents, siblings, spouse, and children), but also friends, neighbors, and co-workers since each of these relationships contributes to your well-being

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Better Manhood Skills: Self-care

My series about creating a roadmap for better manhood continues with another important soft skill: self-care. While not exclusive to men, the need for self-care is critical because we can’t help others unless we also take care of ourselves. Let’s begin by understanding the aspects of self-care and its benefits.  What is Self-care?  It’s important to note that self-care is a highly individualized concept: what works for one person may not work for another. Everyone should explore the various self-care strategies to find what best suits their needs and lifestyles.   Self-care includes our mental health, physical maintenance, and emotional expression. Self-care also includes caring for our relationships, financial well-being, spiritual life, and personal growth. I covered some of these topics earlier in this series in a post that encourages young males to learn to First, Manage Yourself Well. This is the first step toward becoming a mature and well-balanced

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