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Traits of a GB Relationship: Summary

To conclude this series on the unique traits of a God Buddy relationship below is a brief summary of all the traits together. I’d ask that you reflect on which of the traits are helping you deepen your friendships and which need more of your attention.  As you learned in the prior post on Teachability, when men become disciples, we can become the men that God intended. So use this series to work on yourself so you can also help your God Buddy!  In my opening post with the Introduction to Traits of a GB Relationship, I explained some basic differences between male and female friendships. Male-male friendships tend to be more “tactical” or “transactional” Female-female friendships are more nurturing and based on emotions. Men are usually side-by-side while women are face-to-face. Women invest more time maintaining their friendships whereas men move to the next task quickly and don’t feel

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Traits of a GB Relationship: Teachability and Desire to Improve

As I begin to conclude this series on the traits of a God Buddy relationship, I need to include Teachability and the willingness to improve can help you become more Christ-like and help your life in many ways. A desire to learn about improvement often comes by becoming a mentee, student, or disciple of someone you admire. While being a “disciple” is most often used in relation to your faith-life, it can also mean learning from a man that “has been down the road” before you and has the life experiences you need. Discipleship Definition According to, the literal answer to the question, “What is discipleship?” is “To be a learner”. For example: A person who is a pupil or adherent to the doctrines of another. One who embraces and assists in spreading the teaching of another. Any follower of another person. Sp becoming a disciple – both for

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Traits of a GB Relationship: Prayer and Encouragement

As you read this series on the traits of a God Buddy relationship, I trust these posts are helping you deepen your friendship with another man who will help you become a better man. The second group of traits of GBs that includes Confrontation, Confession, and Accountability coupled with Patience and Kindness, is followed by the traits of Prayer and Encouragement. These and the upcoming traits help your God Buddy relationship thrive.  Encouragement Defined Ask for the definition of encouragement and you’ll get a cliché like “Encouragement is the act of giving individual support used for motivation”. But actually, the French word for encouragement means to give someone else your courage. Courage is like love—the more you give it away, the more you have.  Everyone Needs Encouragement  As we battle the ups and downs of life, everyone needs support and encouragement. Generally speaking, men need as much encouragement as possible

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