Author: Ryan Sanders

What is Missing from Good Fatherhood?

This week and next are guest posts around Father’s Day. Earlier this year, I met Kent Evans, Co-founder and Executive Director of the Manhood Journey and Father on Purpose communities, and was immediately was drawn to his shared passion for creating better men and better fathers. The first post comes from Director of Outreach, Ryan Sanders, who writes about the motives for becoming a more godly husband and father. Next week, Kent provides his 7 reminders of being a good father. I hope you enjoy both of these encouraging posts and start becoming a father on purpose.  –Rich, your Chief God Buddy I know you. You want to be a better dad – a good father. But you’re exhausted trying to do it all. Could it be with all of your running around trying to be better—that you’re doing it for the wrong reasons? In this post, I’m suggesting yes.

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