Author: Kent Evans

7 Reminders of a Good Husband and Father

This week and last week are guest posts to help us become better fathers. In this post, Kent Evans, Co-founder and Executive Director of Father on Purpose gives his 7 reminders for being a good husband and father. Last week, Ryan Sanders, Director of Outreach wrote about our motives for becoming a more godly husband and father. Enjoy!  –Rich, your Chief God Buddy This post assumes you are ready to hear some secrets of the good husband and father based on my original post here. My hope is you’ll read this list and do your own triage. But don’t try to fix everything at once. Pick one and then get to work. Here are seven secrets that will help you become the leader God intended.  Secret #1 > The good husband and father takes care of himself. Depending on your kids’ ages and stages, balancing this can feel impossible. If

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