Author: Jay Payleitner

What if God Wrote Your Buddy List?

This week is a guest post from best-selling author and speaker, Jay Payleitner. I met Jay a few years ago and have picked his brain on a few occasions about my blog and my eventual book about God Buddies. I hope you enjoy his take about God writing out the list of your closest friends. — Rich, your Chief God Buddy It’s pretty clear, some bucket list items deliver more long-term value, edification, and spiritual significance than others. As a matter of fact, I dedicated an entire book titled What If God Wrote Your Bucket List? to the idea of polishing and prioritizing your bucket list based on God’s values. One of the chapters suggests that God values human friendships. Which leads to the question, “How many friends do you have? True friends?” I daresay that most people have had fewer than a dozen authentic friends over the course of

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