Today more than at any other time, men need better friendships. In fact, I believe every guy needs a God Buddy!

Rich and his original “GB”, Bill Johnson

For this reason, I started this blog to explain why men (and women for that matter!) need more authentic, genuine friendships. I began calling these type of friendships a “God Buddy” over 10 years ago because I saw the need (and had the need myself) for a small number of deeper, more authentic relationships over the very shallow acquaintances and connections so many of us have these days.

Through my weekly blog posts, I hope to provide you with some very practical ways to develop a God Buddy relationship with a small group of guys. I will also give you words of encouragement to take the risk to find a “GB” (that’s short for “God Buddy”) so that you can enjoy life as it was designed by our Creator God. 

Future posts will also include words of encouragement for you to take the risk to find a God Buddy and tips on how to care for yourself and those within your circle of influence: your spouse, children, extended family, friends, and yes, even your own GBs!

My goal is to continue to develop the topic of God Buddies and finally write the book that’s been swirling around in my brain for many years. Your contributions via the comment section and suggestions for related or new content will also help me along the way.

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